Slenos, “Copyright Collecting Company”

Slenos The Copyright Collecting Company Faq
It's easy. You can download the instructions from this link.
It's easy, you need to have the mp3 file and all the required information at hand (if you don't have the ISWC code, it doesn't matter). However, you can download the manual from this link.
If collaborators took part in the realization of your song and you want to recognize them some rights, then you must invite them to register on Slenos. It's easy, but you can find the instructions in this link.
PLEASE NOTE: you must enter the co-authors before uploading the track. After that, it is no longer possible (because you would have already received the certificate of deposit with legal value).
You have committed yourself to producing your own music, you have worked hard and you have invested your time and, perhaps, your money. As an author, you therefore have the right to protect your work, that is, your intellectual activity both from a moral and patrimonial point of view.
The right to claim authorship of the work and, in the case of an anonymous work, to reveal it; the right to oppose deformations or modifications of the work and any other act to the detriment of the work itself, which may be detrimental to the honor or reputation of the work itself; according to some jurists, the right to unpublished and to determine the time and limits of publication; the right to withdraw the work from the market for serious moral reasons.
The law does not set any term for its duration: upon the death of the author, the right of intellectual paternity and the right to the integrity of the work can be asserted, without time limit, by the spouse and children and, in their absence, by the parents and other ascendants and direct descendants; missing the ascenders and descendants, from brothers and sisters and their descendants. Each of them can act without the consent of the others.
Finally, the moral right is inalienable, that is, it cannot be ceded in any form.
Property rights include any form of economic use, even if not expressly provided for by law. As a rule, the transfer of economic rights to the work takes place against payment, but nothing prohibits the transfer free of charge. The transfer must result from a written contract, containing the contractual declarations of the parties.
These rights are independent from each other, and can also be transferred individually to different subjects for which (for example) you can grant Slenos online distribution rights and SIAE those on public representations, etc.
According to Italian law, while the moral rights on the work have an unlimited duration over time, the patrimonial rights expire 70 years after the death of the author of the work (this also applies to works published posthumously).
Currently, the storage of digital documents in blockchain produces the unlimited duration of the information related to your file, but it does not yet have full legal validity, but we believe that it is only a matter of time. The Italian Legislative Decree 135/2018 provides, in fact, that “the storage of an IT document through the use of technologies based on distributed registers produces the legal effects of the electronic time stamp referred to in Article 41 of Regulation (EU) no. 910/2014 of the European Parliament and of the Council, of 23 July 2014 "(art. 8-ter, c. 3). The inclusion in the blockchain will have full legal effect with the issuance of the "guidelines" by the Agency for digital Italy as required by the same DL. But do not worry, in the meantime we will continue to affix to your files the time stamp (ours have European validity according to the EIDAS Regulation, the European regulation on Digital Trust services). Please check the law about the validity of the deposit in blockchain in your country.
In principle no, at least under Italian law.
In fact, unlike what happens with patents or trademarks, no type of filing would be necessary to obtain the right, as it is sufficient to prove that you are the author and have created the work before others.
However, just to facilitate the proof to be offered regarding the authorship of your work, it is advisable to deposit the work with an institution that certifies its date such as Slenos
Your work deposited on Slenos is first of all protected with a time stamp and with a "fingerprint". In addition, Slenos issues you the paternity certificate and, at your choice, deposits the cryptographic fingerprint in the Ethereum blockchain.
The time stamp allows you to establish the existence of your musical work from the date of its filing on Slenos and guarantees the legal validity for 20 renewable years and the enforceability of the filing date against third parties. The time stamp of Slenos has full legal value in all states of the European Union pursuant to the eIDAS regulation and art. 20, paragraph 3 of the Digital Administration Code, Legislative Decree 82/2005.
Slenos also creates a cryptographic hash that acts as a "fingerprint" and is unique for each file in order to ensure its integrity and authenticity. In fact, any modification to the deposited file would produce a completely different imprint, revealing the attempted modification.
With the Professional service, in addition to the above, Slenos deposits the fingerprint of your file on the Ethereum blockchain. The inclusion in the blockchain guarantees the immutability of the data associated with your work for an unlimited duration over time
Nothing in terms of protecting your copyright. The certificate we issue you is valid for 20 years and is renewable. On the contrary, your works will no longer be visible on our online platform and we will no longer be able to assist you in the distribution of your works.
The law provides that the transfer of economic rights results from a written act. This is to protect you in the sense that it must be clear that Slenos cannot distribute your work in a manner other than that which we describe on the site and in the contract.
By joining Slenos you grant the right: to distribute your work directly on the portal Slenos and to retain a percentage in favor of Slenos. Slenos does not retain percentages on the distribution of your works on other platforms even though we have assisted you in uploading them.
The reasons for this is that Beatport is a Genre-specific platform (only music that fits the platform’s genre will be accepted) and a curated platform (release is not guaranteed on Beatport as they may only accept artists with a certain threshold of engagement and activity).
Please note that a previous release having been accepted by Beatport does not guarantee future releases will also be accepted by Beatport.
Slenos checks that your track does not contain, even in part, tracks of other authors. It is an important procedure because it allows you to avoid legal problems. If your file fails the anti-counterfeiting test, you will receive an email explaining why. If this happens you have two choices: a) to give up the upload and then. distribution of the song and use what you paid for the next song or b) instruct us to contact the copyright holder and negotiate a license on your behalf (note that it is not certain that the author will grant it to you) . If you choose this second option, our lawyers will provide you with a cost estimate that you are free to accept or not.
If a person believes that your work infringes their copyright, that person can file a complaint with Slenos in the "Report A Violation" section of the site or by emailing compliance@slenos.com.
When we receive such a complaint, we don't immediately block your song from our platform because (let's face it) it might also be an envious competitor who wants to annoy you (it's a jungle out there). We will block the song and, in more serious cases, also your account only if and when it is established that you have actually violated the rights of the other person.
In the meantime, however, you should decide what to do: you can tell us to suspend the distribution of the song and live quietly or even defend yourself on the legal level. If you decide for this last option, you can rely on your lawyers or ours. In the latter case, you will receive a cost estimate that you are free to accept or not.
However, remember that, under the contract with Slenos, users are (obviously) responsible for the damages that Slenos suffered for counterfeiting.
If you decide to get supported by Slenos for distribution, we’ll help you open an account in your name on Songtradr. For now. this is the aggregator that we have chosen, but we reserve the right to modify it if and when certain conditions change. You have full access to your account so you can check statistics at any time and withdraw your receipts. Full access to your account allows you to upload more songs to online platforms, but for songs you upload directly, you won’t have copyright protection.
The royalties from our portal will only arrive on your Paypal account (so you must have one). For royalties that come directly to you from other platforms, it depends on their policies that are not under our control and can change from time to time.
There are the costs related to your Paypal account to which you have to refer and those related to international payments for royalties that will arrive directly from other platforms. These costs are not under our control and, therefore, you must refer to the chosen aggregator.